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I placed and order with Digi Resources (dba and on December 7, 2011. I ordered 2 items. The initial invoice for the order stated a subtotal for both items as $53.15 and shipping of $12.46 for a total charge of $65.61, to which we agreed electronically.

An email received from on 12/9 informed that one item was back ordered and that the other item was shipped for the agreed on price of $25.20, but also included the entire shipping rate of $12.46, but for this one item only.

When questioned as to whether the shipping would cover both items, I was informed that it would not, since the item shipped from another location and additional (unapproved, and therefore fraudulent) shipping charges would apply for the other item.

I did not agree to this additional charge for shipping of approximately another $12 shipping (for a $24 item, mind you) that they said it would be, I could have gotten the item elsewhere cheaper.

At this point I asked that the order be reversed because of the company's inability to provide the products and shipping at the agreed upon price. I was then informed that return of the item would incur NOT ONLY return shipping, but also a "possible" restocking fee that I would be responsible for. After the company responded that they were "done dealing with this" by email, I filed Case 22321120 with the Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington.

Since that time, the company refunded $0.98 for it calls the "difference in shipping". Again, the shipping for BOTH ITEMS as agreed was $12.46. I requested to return the product again with return shipping paid, and without restocking fee. The merchant again refuses.

But that's where it really goes south. The company at that time went on the offensive and retaliated publicly by posting for "abuse of a local merchant" at This complaint was filed by "Merchant Protection 2011" rather than Digi Resources, to appear as a "local" company. The report says:

Abuse of local Merchants by [my wife's name and location]

[name] has complete disregard for merchants and is passive aggressive and have seen this on two occasions, which contributes to her disregard for other people. When entering into a business deal, she is quick to become hostile, unreasonable and will disparage your business the first chance she gets.

Please be aware of doing business with [ name and location]. Anyone wishing to do any type of transaction needs to be aware, before hand, of a lack of respect for other people and businesses.

Please take this as a warning when doing business with [ name ]

This is nothing but retaliation and misrepresentation at best, defamation of character at worst. An online search of other complaints on this company reveals this is a normal part of the way they do business. My wife simply asked them to correct the shipping charge mistake that they admitted to making. She's never been hostile, aggressive, or anything of the sort. I have all the emails and should post them for you to see for yourself, but hopefully you get my point.

FURTHER, Digi Resources went on in this online report to DISCLOSE MY WIFE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING name, address, cell phone number, place of employment, and work email address. This has since been recorded in a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for fradulent billing practices and disclosure of personal information.

You want to deal with this type of company?

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Port Louis, Port Louis, Mauritius #1196704

Yes i totally agree. Digishopper is a fraud organization.

Two of my friends worked here as employee ..first they offered a good salary and showed off good things and then didnt give a single penny..they left frm there. The manager nd owner are very rude and bad guys..

digi shoppers a fraud company at noida.

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